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Why should you experience the JBL JUMP FEST event?
Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia with 250.000 inhabitants. The city centre is known for its pleasant atmosphere of cafes and restaurants. The race is in front of the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe, the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. Spectators are nowhere else so close to the athletes.  It’s an amazing place for athletics. The event programme is fine-tuned every year. The highlight is the 2 hour JBL Jump Fest Elite competition for pro athlets. For all non pro ahletes who would like to get the street athletics vibe we have created JBL Jump Fest Open category.


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Organizers and partners involved in the JBL Jump Fest 2023.



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The exclusive distributor of the legendary audio brand is DSI Slovakia s.r.o. Košice. More:

The distributor of legendary electronics brands for the Czech and Slovak Republics, based in Košice, has been supporting JBL JUMP FEST as a significant activity of the local community from the very beginning.


Without the active support of the city of Košice since the first year of our event, it would not be possible to show the queen of sports in the most beautiful edition every year.


The European Athletic Association is the governing body for athletics in Europe. It is one of the six Area Associations of the world’s athletics governing body World Athletics.


From the dynamic vitality and genius of this region, Ariete has taken his enterprising spirit of a dynamic company, always looking for new ideas, strong but very simple for the daily household. Important company in the field of small appliances, Ariete is continuously developing on both the national territory and the international scene. Exports represents about 60% of total sales. In 1995 the company was incorporated by the international group Kenwood Appliances UK and since 2001 has been incorporated by the DeLonghi Group.


The world’s largest car manufacturer, which in addition to supporting its own sport technology contributes significantly to the ecological future of transport.

Our Motionsense™ technology was inspired by your movements; the freshness protection range is scientifically proven to prevent body odor and sweat when you need it most; our Invisible Dry Black + White range helps to protect your clothes from white marks and yellow stains; experience lighter underarms in 7 days with our Rexona Advanced Whitening range. So whether you’re scaling a mountain, running for the bus, presenting to your boss or going on a date, you can be confident because you have the best sweat protection.


Manufacturer of filtration equipment, including sports filter bottles, the distributor of which for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic is based in Košice.


Our longtime supporter. During the year, Košice athletes find excellent health care in the Šport-artro center of the Šaca Hospital. And they also provide us with selfless medical help during competitions organized by us in Košice.

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University was established in 1959 as the second classical University in Slovakia. The current structure of  P. J. Šafárik University includes five faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration and Faculty of Arts. At our University more than 7 500 students are studying.

The University provides education in three main cycles – bachelor’s, master’s, doctor´s and PhD. studies in different fields. The process of education is provided in both, Slovak and English language. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice provides higher education based on the newest scientific findings in a wide international context. The University co-operates very intensively with academic institutions all around the world.




During its more than three years of operation, the Secondary Sports School (formerly the Sports Gymnázium) educated excellent athletes who successfully represented the Košice school and the Slovak Republic at competitions and international Olympic games. Among the closest Lubs graduates are – Olympic Games participants – Jozef Palatinu Jaroslav Jokeľ Hudák, Igor Kováč, Milan Haborák, Klaudia Kinská Marcel Matanin, the Matanin sisters, Veronika Bobková, Miriam Barbora Brémová, Miriam Barbora Brémová. Behind these successes lies hard work every day and overcoming smaller and bigger obstacles on the way to the set goal. The results of the school and its solid place among secondary schools in the Košice region are due to the tenacity and enthusiasm of the school management, teachers, trainers, educators, non-teaching staff and school pupils.

Our mission is to create innovative, best-in-class technologies to streamline the administrative and engagement tasks associated with organizing athletics competitions so that sports organizers can focus on what’s most important – running a successful sporting event for all participants, from athletes to spectators to organizers.


Our goal is not only to relieve you of pain, but also to teach you to change your movement patterns so that the problem does not recur. Without your active participation in rehabilitation, the desire to work on yourself, the result of our work is short-lived. We do it differently than other rehabilitation centers! Our desire is that you leave us not only without pain, but also with the goal of continuing to work on yourself. We want to accompany you on the path of responsibility for the state of your body and help you maintain this good state.

We are an international logistics company based in Bad Neustadt, Germany. We have been operating in Slovak since 2006 and we are one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive transport and logistics services. Choose what you really need.

We bring interesting reports and current information from the Košice region. We are TelKE, regional television.